Python 7752P Rechargeable battery replacement 10%


Model: 7752PBT10


• Replacement rechargeable battery for Python 7752P remote. This battery holds 10% more charge, less charging. If your remote shows a low bar or no bars for battery life this is a direct fit replacement that will bring it back to life. very easy to replace yourself. Included a how-to guide.

7752P Remote battery only
• One-mile range
•Priority icons for simple and clear Pehicle monitoring
•Clear text labels on the large LCD screen
•The important icon will display 3x larger than the less critical icons
•Priority user interface controls 24 functions with 5 button
•Communicates by way of an audible tone, a Pibration, or a Pisual alert
•1-year warranty

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Rechargeable replacement battery.

How to guide

email support

Lifetime warranty.

Models: 7754P / 7752P

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